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BR Australia is essentially an Australian company which was founded in the city of Sydney; for the production of building stone bricks. The Wallbank Model 46 Dry Press Brick Plant is a self contained, portable and stand alone brick making plant for the dry production of bricks, paving blocks and floor tiles. These bricks are produced in a high-quality, pressure dried environment, with a high resistance to ensure preservation of colour; especially to buildings over a hundred years old.

We excel in being the only company in the Middle East that uses mechanical pressure dried bricks for production, in this industry.

The company prides itself on being the sole dealer of Wallbank; who invented the machine that we use to produce bricks which have been used for over seventy years.

BR Australia strives to provide high quality bricks, exceeding expectations and consistently furthering our performance in order to satisfy our customers.







Portability. This machine is easily and securely transported.
Two-day installation is routine on a prepared site.
Low cost of production. Dry press bricks eliminate the necessity of pre drying prior to firing.
Flexible production.  A Wallbank 46 can produce a range of different products to suit the customer.

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Heavy duty cast iron body frame and base
Die heating elements of 1200 watt
Liner and Die plates in tool steel for maximum life
Quick change plates and liners
Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings in key locations
High tensile steel, precision ground cam shafts

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Functional operator console means that this plant can be operated by one man however additional labour is required to both feed in raw material at one end and remove finished bricks from the other end. A maintenance person (tradesman) is also recommended.

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Our Capabilities:
Specialist services include:
Design and support facilities
Project management
Brick pattern making
Different kiln sizes using different kinds of fuels
All equipment necessary to start production

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The BR Aus Company was established in 2010, in Sydney, Australia after witnessing the success of this machine in Australia and other regions, excluding the Middle Eastern countries. The objective of setting up the BR Aus Company is to introduce the new construction elements to the Middle Eastern countries, and to dispense, import and provide foreign exchange.

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